Shannon Toth 

Visual Artist based in Naarm 


Shannon Toth

Visual artist based in Naarm 


Compression Repression 

Marshmallow, pine, icing sugar 

Compression Repression fleshes out the dynamics between food and embodied experience by employing the confectionary treat, marshmallow. Marshmallow is made up of sugar and gelatine. Once ingested these materials become useful carbohydrates and proteins for the body. The same materials exist in human mucus, which is produced by the body at times of infection or arousal. Mucus creates a layer of protection, like a blanket over vulnerable parts of the body.

As a food, the marshmallow situates its purpose within the body, however, it also appears to be a pillowy and soft textile. Draped over the pine spine, the weight of the marshmallow compresses the elasticity of the timber. The form of the marshmallow suggests comfort however the mechanics of the structure indicate the corporeal structure is under duress. Excess lengths of marshmallows accumulate in folds around the base of the structure. The security blanket is slipping—it is no longer required.

Exhibited at Melbourne Art Fair with First Draft
and at 138 Gallery, Brunswick, VIC  
Documentation by Lucy Foster 

MAF Room Sheet 
138 Gallery Room Sheet
22/2/2024 - 25/2/2024


Marshmallow, pine, icing sugar

In this exhibition, marshmallow is used to create a large folded object and bind together a curved pine structure. The marshmallow appears to be pillowy and soft like a doona or blanket but is also pliable and plump-like flesh. The folded form of the object suggests domesticity like it belongs in the linen cupboard.

The curved pine structure has the dimensions of a single bed frame, yet it’s warped and balances precariously on a curved edge, rocking like a baby’s cradle - but for an adult body. While a child is nursed and comforted by a rocking motion, the same action in an adult-sized bed suggests a sexual act.

It is absurd to rely on marshmallow for a blanket and a distorted rocking bed for comfort and protection, but if it’s all you’ve got then it’s a perfectly viable adaptation.

Exhibited at First Draft, Sydney
Documentation by Jessica Maurer

First Draft Room Sheet
Text by Keesha Catherine Field 
08/12/2023 - 28/01/2024

Falling Flawed 

Marshmallow, pine, scaffolding, bitumen, rope, sugar, water, cooking pot, fountain pump

VCA Grad Show 2022 
Documentation Christo Crocker 

VCA Catalogue 
27/11/2022 - 1/12/2022

Beating, Bleeding, Breathing

Marshmallow, pine, icing sugar, ipod, heavy kicker bass .wav track, speaker 

Beating, Bleeding, Breathing uses electronic dance music, pine and excessive quantities of marshmallow to reconstruct embodied experiences. The materials transform. They seep, mutate, copulate, gestate, salivate, solidify, de-solidify, cruise, bruise, bleed, bend, bulge, and bond. The tension and uncertainty between the materials are palatable. The speaker plays a bouncy track that never evolves: an endless bass creates the sensation of being stuck or held in a loop. Over time, the sound shifts from joyous to an assault on the senses. The weight of the speaker is holding the structure together however the vibration of the music causes the laminated timber to ooze a white substance.

Exhibited at Fiona Sydney Myer Gallery for Majlis Travelling Fellowship
Documentation by Christo Crocker and Shannon Toth

Fiona Sydeny Myer Gallery Catalogue  
South Bank News 

09/09/2022 - 1/10/2022